Four top tips on making the most of your Personal Branding Shoot.

You may have a Personal Branding Shoot booked already, or perhaps you’re toying with the idea of booking one? Wherever you are in your branding imagery journey, I hope my four top tips on how to make the most of your Personal Branding Shoot will be useful. As a London based Personal Branding Photographer, I have seen how the authentic branding imagery I capture for clients, have helped take their businesses to the next level.

By intentionally creating images that tell a story about my clients, we  create valuable connection points – using their personalities and passions to attract like-minded clients. The saying “people buy people” really couldn’t be more true. I find so much joy in working with clients to create images that resonate with their brand values. These images then become conversation starters, website banners, social media adverts and so much more.

Top tips on how to make the most of your Personal Branding Shoot

Top tips on how to make the most of your Personal Branding Shoot

Top tips on making the most of your Personal Branding Shoot:

So here we go – 4 top tips on making the most of your branding shoot:

1. Stay true to yourself, comparison kills creativity.

Your story, your personality, your style and passions are unique to YOU. Make sure your Personal Branding Photographer has a good understanding of the real you, your likes & dislikes, your favourite words, colours and hangouts! Good communication will lead to images that truly reflect your personality and your brand, and will attract potential clients who share the same passions.

Often, when we try and copy what our competitors are doing, we fall flat on our faces, ending up with imagery that lacks personality and authenticity. We lose what makes us unique. Remember to use your branding shoot to show clients why they should pick you. You don’t have to conform!

Top tips on how to make the most of your Personal Branding Shoot

2. Be brave – play to your strengths.

When choosing outfits for your personal branding shoot, play to your strengths! If you need to, consult a professional stylist / personal shopper to help guide you on which colours work with your complexion / hair colour. Choose outfits that will accentuate your gorgeous features and make you look & feel amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer’s opinion on the outfits you choose. They will have a good sense of what will work on camera, and look best in the locations you’ve chosen.

London Personal Branding Photographer

Nottinghill personal branding shoot

3. Treat yourself – invest in you!

Use your personal branding shoot as an excuse to buy a couple of new outfits / that coat you’ve been lusting after! You are investing in your brand image and your business, so don’t skimp on the details. Get your nails done (for those cute cup holding shots) and always, I repeat always have your hair & make up done professionally. After your personal branding shoot is over, why not book in a date night with your other half to celebrate (and take your new outfit out on the town).

London Luxury Personal Branding Photography

London Nutritionist Personal Branding Photographer

4. Use different locations to showcase your diverse personality.

I recommend using at least two different locations to add variety to your final collection of images. One location might showcase you more in ‘work’ mode – maybe a cafe laptop shot, or writing that to-do list. A second location could give clients an insight into the you when you’re not hustling…whether it’s buying flowers for your home, or enjoying a beautifully mixed cocktail. Don’t be afraid to show clients the different parts of your personality.

London Nutritionist Personal Branding Photographer

London Nutritionist Personal Branding Photographer

Luxury Personal Branding Photographer London

I hope these tips come in handy when you plan your Personal Branding Shoot. Get in touch to find out more about my services (London & Worldwide). Take a look at my portfolio here and read more about my Personal Branding services here.

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